1. EDUCATION: Alumna of the prestigious Delhi University right from graduation till her Doctorate , Former Dr. Asha Goswami had her education in Delhi .


a. CAREER :- She has over 38 years of rich experience of University teaching and research .Widely traveled throughout India and abroad in connection with her participation in oriental conferences at National and International levels, she is credited with the authorship of 4 mega volumes and presentation of 44 Research Papers [‘16’ at World Conferences] on significant themes of Indology.

b. (i)Convener, International Consortium of [Krsna Lore and allied studies] Epic and Puranic Lore Studies DELHI- India.
(ii) ` Senior fellow` with min. of culture. for advance research on krsnas Indian folk- lore.

  c. Post Held;
(i) Lecturer in Sanskrit, post Graduate wing, Department of Sanskrit, Delhi University, 1969-1970.
(ii) ii. Lecturer/Reader in Sanskrit Department, Gargi College, University of Delhi, 1970-2005.
(iii) Official delegate at International Sanskrit conferences abroad in Germany and USA in 1979-1984.

d. Books authored and published;
(i)  Krsna Katha and Allied Matters, 1984, Delhi, with a foreword by Shri M. Hidayatulla, former Vice-President of India and released by the President of India
(ii) The Krsna Legend, a new Perspective, 2001, Delhi with a foreword by padmashree Mahamahopadhyaya Prof. Satyavrat Shastri and released by the Vice-President of India.
(iii) In the foot-steps of krsna: Researches in Krsna Lore, 2005, Delhi with a foreword by Prof. Ram Karan Sharma, President International Association Of Sanskrit Studies Paris.
(iv) Muses in Indology, 2006, Delhi with a foreword by Padmashree M.M. Prof. Satyavrat Shastri

  e. Ongoing project
(i)   In search of the blue green crest [In Press]
(ii)  Vedatattvanusilana [In Press]
(iii) Re- exploring the Gayatri Mantra [In Press]
(iv) Krsna and Indian folk Lore Tradition

f. Research Papers which brought her wide recognition
  1. ‘Radha’ journal of the Department of Sanskrit, U.D . Vol .I, No 2 [Quoted by Mexican Scholar vide, The krsna Cycle in the Puranas 1984].
  2. ‘ Monogamist Krsna ‘ Charudeva feli.,Vol, Delhi, 1974 [Quoted by Mexican scholar, vide The Krsna cycle in the Puranas 1984].
  3. ‘Narada ‘, PAIOC, Pune, 1978
  4. ‘patanjala Yoga – Sutras and Psychnic Science` PWSC, iv , Weimer Germany ,1979.
  5. The Historicity of the Mahabharata, VVBISI, Vol.,XVIII, Pt: 1-11, 1980; EIL , Sahitya Academy 1982. [Referred to by a scholar from Norway, Vide Mahabharata Studies ,1987].
  6. `When Will Lord Krsna re- incarnate again ?’ PWSC , V, Varanasi , 1981 .
  7. ` The alignments of modern society and their cure in Gita ISS, I Mexico, 1982 ; Souvenir o0n Gita-Seminar , by Bharat Nirman , Delhi ,1983.
  8. Govinda Krsna and Govind Singh ` PAIOC, Jaipur 1982.
  9. `The Resurrection of Christ, a fact or Fallacy ` PARSC Auckland Uni.,New Zealand /1983.
  10. `The concept of God and Goddesses in Hinduism` PWSC, VI, Philadelphia, USA, 1984.
  11. `The Buddhist Tradition and Krsna Legend ` ICANAS, xxxii, Humburg, Germany, 1986.
  12. `Dwaraka and its sacred Indian Tradition` PWSC,Vii, Leiden Netherlands, 1987.
  13. `The Krsna Legend and Archaeology` PWSC, VIII, Vienna, 1989-90.
  14. ` The Mysteries of Mind and Sivasanikalpa Sukta` PWSC, ix, Melbourne, Australia, 1994.
  15. `---The Gods and Men shared common platform [a notion re-explored] PAIOC, Varanasi, 2004.
  Press Release
First Copy of the book “Krishna in Indian Folklore” by Dr. Asha Goswami was presented to Hon’ble President of India Sh. Pranab Mukherjee at his office on 28th August 2013. The ceremony was graced by Author’s family Guru Shri Shri 1008 Chotey Sarkar Jee.
The work unveils that astonishing myth’s prodigious after crop of fables, mass of old beliefs and local traditions peculiar to varied traditions in India have joined hands in hand towards formation of the folkliristic aspect of the Krishna Saga as well as construing the folkloristic imageories of Shri Krsna viz., in addition to his imagery as Teacher of Gita and Charioteer of Arjun and lord of Dvaraka who is endowed with all majesty and royal insignia as Rasavihari and Gopala Krishna of Vrindavana who wears crown of peacock feathers; adorned with all ornaments in yellow attire and playing on flute sounds representative of all excellence and refulgence all around, the form that holds the hearts of innumerable devotees apart from serving as the fountain head of all artistic achievements in India.
This folklore element of the Krishna Saga is more prominently traceable in the Krishna Gopala cycle which developed in India by the end of the Gupta period. The present volume on Krishna in Indian folklore serves fifth in Krishna volume series by the same author, which also focuses retracing folklore motifs which have intermingled with the extant Krishna Saga through indepth discussions, arguments carried on with marvelous approach. The work on the whole serves a treasure trove bringing into lime light the hitherto untroddden aspects of the Krishna concept in the form of folkliristic innovations in the Krishna Legend and shows that the Krishna lore constitutes a fascinating maze of folktales, legends and myths which also be termed as the Indian oral traditions which are reflective of the collective wisdom of the Indian people on Krishna handed down through the ages and within these lies the rich history of the country. Hence, this volume may serve as indispensable source for knowing country’s heritage and rich culture.

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