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Dr. Asha Goswami is a former senior Reader in the Department of Sanskrit Gargi College, Delhi University. She is well known for her deep zeal for Krsna Theme; a dedicated scholar, researcher and versatile writer in the field of Indology.

Besides, her Epoch making work `Krsna –Katha and Allied Matters ` [Published in 1984, forwarded by Hon. Shri M. Hidayatullah, former Vice President of India and released by then President of India], amongst her over 30 reaserch papers presented and contributed to various sessions of AIOC, as well as World Sanskrit Conferences held in India and abroad, which have been published in various Journals including two in Germany and U.S.A; five in the prestigious Encyclopedia of Indian Literature by Sahitya Academy , New Delhi, the following have brought her wide recognition:
  • Patanjala Yoga Sutras and Psychic Sciences.
  • The Historicity of the Mahabharata.
  • The concept of Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism.
  • When will Lord Krsna reincarnate again?
  • The ailments of Modern society and its cure prescribed in the Gita.
  • The Monogamist Krsna.
  • The location of Dwarka Traced out.
  • The resurrection of Christ, a fact or fallacy ?
  • Govind Krsna and Govind Singh.

  • Alumnus of the Prestigious Delhi University right from graduation till her Doctorate, Former Dr Asha Goswami has over 32 years of rich experience in University teaching and reaserch.

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